We now make and fill your products too!
We now make and fill your products too!
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Welcome to  Vital Eats!

If you Live To Eat, or Eat To Live you will love our sauces dips and snacks! 

Here you will discover hot sauce, dairy free queso,  salsas, and our newest protein packed Zen Jerky.

All of our products are packed with bold and dynamic flavors and use only plant-based ingredients Be happy knowing Vital Eats foods are all vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and 100% free from any artificial preservatives.

Cousins Reuben and Jude established Vital Eats in Saratoga Springs, New York in 2013.

Old business partners trying to stay young while devising business strategies... © Brie Passano www.briephotography.com


Vending at farmers markets has provided valuable feedback from customers which helps refine each product.

Vital is passionate about transparency in sourcing local agriculture and supporting the regional culinary community in a sustainable way.

With award-winning, handcrafted sauces, condiments, spices and gourmet fare, Vital’s products simply taste better and are healthier for you.

We believe in the Vital elimination diet... eliminating foods that don't look or taste good!

Young business partners devise a plan to get old while planning a business © Brie Passano www.briephotography.com